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WellCARE Journey Consultation

Complimentary consultation to help uncover your greatest health and wellness needs and offer education, guidance and referral, if appropriate, to health, wellness and alternative health providers including, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists & traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, manual osteopaths, reflexologists, nutritional therapists/nutritionists, energy medicine specialists, etc.

SoulCARE Energetix Journey Consultation 

Complimentary consultation to uncover if the SoulCARE Energetix Healing & Coaching Program is right for you.  

This 12-week program is a whole-life healing and coaching program for women ready to take their power back, heal past trauma, reclaim their soul-inner child, align with their purpose and thrive no matter what life throws their way.

It is time to change how we nurture, care for, love and lead ourselves and others to greater levels of freedom, success and personal happiness.

On your journey toward mastering the ART of YOU

you will recalibrate and learn how to evolve yourself on all levels.  

Using the slow change method and habit stacking, you will recalibrate your life on all levels.

  1. Diet & Nutrition
  2. Breathing
  3. Yoga & Movement
  4. Relaxation
  5. Meditation & Mindset 
  6. Relaxation
  7. Energy Healing
  8. Whole-life Energy Coaching

As a trauma-informed offering, we must ensure that you have done enough work and have the right supports in place to ensure your experience through this program is one that delivers a quantum leap in your life on all levels.   

This program puts leading healing and personal growth tools, techniques and processes in your hands.  Guiding you to become your own GURU as you step into a whole new you.

Self-directed, 1:1, Group options are available.

SoulCARE Energtix Waitlist

ienergy Life Session

This integrated whole-life energy coaching offering is designed to put you on the path of mastering the art of you.  

eONE Yoga Energy Wellness Program

Discover ways to use leading yoga, energy, wellness techniques for the ultimate in self-care, stress management and disease prevention.

Mastering the ART of YOU

Mastermind Waitlist

Education that Evolves You

Polyvagal Theopry Explained

A simple explanation of Polyvagal Theory to take control of your nervous system, manage stress and prevent disease.

Ways to Help Your Vagus Nerve

How to stimulate your vagus nerve for mental health.

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