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Vibrant Living Institute

Evolve Yourself.  Empower Your Family.  Elevate Humanity.


Healing & Coaching Programs for Women Who Want To Avoid Burnout & Have More. 

Healing & Coaching Programs for Women

Our program offering is designed to put health and healing in the palm of your hands.

Diverse Yoga Styles

Our trauma-informed yoga practices are designed to restore, renew and rebuild health and vitality for women living with autoimmune or emotional health issues due to chronic stress from past trauma, relationship abuse or loss.

Affordable Training

We know from experience that our client's get better results when they have skin in the game. 

We offer flexible payment options that make investing in your health, healing and personal growth a breeze. 

Mentorship & Community

Things are better when done together!  

We know how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people who, like you, are working to positively impact their lives.  

We also know how valuable it is to maintain momentum and to have accountability and that's what our mentorship and community are all about.