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Founded in 2010, Vibrant Living Institute offers yoga energy wellness education, experiences and events that evolve you.  

We are focused on helping women living with autoimmune or emotional health issues due to chronic stress from past trauma, relationship abuse or loss who are sandwiched between raising kids and caring for ageing loved ones who want to reduce overwhelm, avoid burnout and thrive in their personal and professional lives no matter what life throws their way.

Our Team

Inspiring Healthy Living Around The World & Healing As We Grow

Sarah Kathleen

Intuitive Healer & Coach

Sarah Kathleen is the founder of Vibrant Living Institute, a project by Sarah Kathleen & Co and creator of SoulCARE Energetix: A Complete Trauma-Informed Self-Healing Program for Women.  Sarah has also created the eONE Yoga Energy Wellness Method, Chakra ER: The Ultimate Emotional Recalibration Formula and iEnergy Life Sessions: An Integrated Energy Coaching & Healing Program for Women Who Want To Transform Their Lives At Lightning Speeds.  

With close to three decades of working with women in the area of personal development, healing and growth, Sarah now focuses on teaching women how to use their intuition and leading-edge yoga energy wellness techniques to heal their past, take their power back, realign with their purpose, reclaim their soul and reduce overwhelm and the risk of burnout so they can thrive in their life and business while building a healthy living lifestyle that manages, maintains and supports next-level self-care, stress management and disease prevention strategies that can be shared with the whole family.

Sarah lives in Ontario, Canada where she helps care for her mother who lives with Alzheimer's and when she's not at the baseball fields or hockey arena cheering on her son or serving her clients you can find her spending time with family and friends, learning, researching, painting and deepening her spiritual practice.

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Susan Mercer

Frontline Healthcare Hero & Vibrant Life Adventurer.  

Susan is dedicated to all things fit and fun!  She has travelled the world serving as a Frontline Healthcare Hero for close to three decades and has finally returned home to enjoy family and serve her local community.

As a busy professional, Susan is always looking for ways to maximize her time and ability to nourish her body and mind with high-quality whole foods.

When she's not serving others you can find her exploring her community and surrounding area waterways or nature trails with her partner while they plan their next travel adventure!

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Stephanie Murphy-Gates

Legal Professional, Urban Gardener & Healthy Living Heart-Lead Inspirer

Stephanie is proving that growing food all year round can be a wonderful way to provide nutritious high-quality food for her whole family. She loves the peace of mind she gets knowing where her family's produce comes from and that they can enjoy greater food security for generations to come because she chose to 'SAY YES' to enjoying healthy living.

When she is not spending time with family and friends she is serving her community through her local church.

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